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Billy Carter, owner of Johnson's, having pulled in his share of "large mouths" from around the big cypress, Billy now prefers "catching" to "fishing." He enjoys taking out groups, including families with children and the physically challenged, who want to sit back, relax and catch fish. Billy furnishes all tackle and bait.

Billy Carter has been a licensed fishing and hunting guide on Caddo for more than 40 years. His extensive knowledge of the lake and his expertise as a sportsman qualify him to guide visitors through Caddo's intricate network of bayous and sloughs for fishing, hunting, birding, photographing or merely absorbing themselves in the primitive beauty that is Caddo Lake.

Very personable, Billy has some tales to tell, from a night spent lost in the fog in Alligator Thicket, swimming with alligators as a youth, to spanking beaver trying to dominate his fishing hole. Billy has been featured numerous times in Texas Outdoor Journal, and numerous articles in newspapers and other publications. Billy's experiences and stories (a lifetime in the making) seem as unending as the intricate maze of sloughs and bayous he calls home.

Get a glimpse of Billy in an episode of Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters and in two episodes of National Geographic's Snake Survivors.

"A bad day of fishing beats a good day of work!" is Billy's motto.



Johnson's Ranch
3151 E. Cypress Dr.
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